Social Determinants of Health

Addressing social determinants of health in South Africa: the journey continues

Publication details:

Comrades in Health: U.S. Health Internationalists, Abroad and at Home

Author/s: Sanders D. ed. by Anne-Emmanuelle Birn and Theodore M. Brown (review)

Publication details: Book review. Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Volume 89, Number 3, Fall 2015, pp. 633-635. Project MUSE. Published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. DOI: 10.1353/bhm.2015.0093

Diet-related Non-communicable Diseases in South Africa: Determinants and Policy Responses.

Author/s: Mark Spires, Peter Delobelle, David Sanders, Thandi Puoane, Philipp Hoelzel, Rina Swart.

Publication details: South African Health Review 2016.

Ebola Epidemic Exposes the Pathology of the Global Economic and Political System.

Author/s: Sanders D, Sengupta A, and Scott V. 2015.

Publication details: International Journal of Health Services 45(4):643–56.

Revisiting the ability of Australian primary healthcare services to respond to health inequity.

Author/s: Freeman T, Baum F, Lawless A, Javanparast S, Jolley G, Labonté R, Bentley M, Boffa J and Sanders D. 

Publication details: Australian Journal of Primary Health Research. 2015.

Social and political remedies needed for the Ebola tragedy.

Author/s: Sanders D, McCoy D, Legge D, Birn AE, Sengupta A.

Publication details: The Lancet, Vol 386, pp 738, August 22, 2015

The rise of medical tourism to South Africa

Author/s: Crush J, Chikanda A, Sanders D, Maswikwa B. 

Publication details: Lunt N, Horsfall D, Hanefeld J, eds. Handbook on Medical Tourism and Patient Mobility 2015. Published by Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. U.K. Chapter 32, pp 323-331

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