Student Profiles

Dr Penn Amaah, Bangui and Bozoum, Central African Republic

penn1I work for a not-for-profit non-governmental Italian organisation called INTERSOS in the Central African Republic as a program manager for the INTERSOS mission in the country. I coordinate activities in health and nutrition and collaborate with other partners at the central and prefectoral (i.e. regional) levels to ensure program success. The picture below was taken during one of my supervisory tours in one of the health centres.


The Central African Republic was hit by violence in December 2013 with the destruction of public infrastructure, massive killings and displacement of population. 

As an aid worker, I coordinate health activities to ensure that marginalized and ‘hard to reach’ populations (for example, those who have been internally displaced in the country) have access to health and nutrition care. 

The picture reveals community health workers assisting the Project meet its objectives.

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