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Public Health Needs Leaders With Heart – Public Health Leader Juanita O. Arendse Receives Jakes Gerwel Award 2020

“South Africa’s public health system faces a number of challenges - and we need leaders to solve them, not just managers. That’s one of the lessons COVID-19 has helped drive home - and it’s one we all need to learn.”

That’s how Western Cape Chief Director: Emergency & Clinical Services Support, Juanita Arendse, approaches her work - and it’s that approach that has earned her 2020 Jakes Gerwel Award in Public Health from the University of the Western Cape’s (UWC) School of Public Health.

The annual award, endowed by the Mauerberger Foundation Fund, honours and recognises former UWC Rector and Vice-Chancellor Jakes Gerwel’s central role in promoting public health practice, and is open to all graduates of the School who have, through their work, made an impact on public health through professional or academic leadership and innovation.

“Jakes was probably best known to most South Africans as one of the country’s great intellectuals and thinkers, a man who helped shape our transition into a democratic South Africa,” notes Prof Uta Lehmann, Director of UWC’s School of Public Health. “But for us at UWC - and especially for us at the SOPH - we remember him as the visionary leader who steered UWC through turbulent times, transforming the University from a ‘Bush college’ into a vibrant space of engagement for scholarship.” Read the full story

Jakes Gerwel Award 2020


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