Annual David Sanders Lecture

davidsThe series honours Emeritus Prof David Sanders' legacy as founder of the SOPH and recognises his considerable contributions to UWC and to the field of public health, both locally and internationally. David Sanders, 5 August 1945 – 30 August 2019

Each year an eminent speaker is invited to engage scholars, practioners, policy makers and activists in contemporary challenges and opportunities for public health research, teaching and practice, brining scientific excellence and implications for political and social action to bear on their chosen issue. In so doing, they will continue the vigorous, socially engage, scholarly debate and practice that has characterized much of David's engagement. 


2015 David Sanders Lecture - Dr Mary Bassett

2015dslectureThe 2015 Annual David Sanders Lecture was delivered by Dr Mary Bassett, Commissioner of Health of New York City. Dr Mary Bassett, moved by the recent attacks on Americans of African descent in the US, addressed the link between race and health in her lecture, entitled “#BlackLivesMater”. Can such a link be made? Most definitely, argued Dr Bassett in an earlier editorial in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM, March, 2015). Her article provides statistics on health disparities as they affect people of colour and refers to the dearth of scholarly research on this link.

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2013 Annual David Sanders Lecture - Prof Shula Marks

2013dslecturePicture: Emeritus Prof William Pick, Prof Uta Lehmann, Emeritus Prof Shula Marks, Emeritus Prof David Sanders, Prof Helen Schneider 

Shula Marks was born in Cape Town; she emigrated to the UK in 1960 and received her doctorate from the University of London in 1967. She has lectured and written widely on late-nineteenth and twentieth century South African history, including the history of health care in South Africa.

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