Annual David Sanders Lecture

2017 David Sanders Lecture - Prof Hoosen Coovadia


Prof. Hoosen Coovadia addressed in his lecture the concepts of fairness, equality and equity with a focus primarily on the stratifcations based on race, gender and the private/public dichotomoies.

Prof. Coovadia is a Director at MatCH (Maternal Adolescent & Child Health) (Wits), Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health and Emeritus Victor Daitz Professor of HIV (UKZN). He has devoted his life to the pursuit of justice, democracy and freedom -- chairing the Mandela government’s frst Commission on Maternal and Child Health and designing appropriate national policies. He has published more than 320 papers in national and international journals.

The Lancet once described Prof Coovadia as "an icon of South African health", who "broke through the barriers of racist rule to establish himself as a top paediatrician and then became an international authority on HIV/AIDS, especially mother-to-child transmission".

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