Summer and Winter School Short Courses

Twice a year at Summer and Winter School, contact sessions are offered free to students for the modules for which they are registered for the current year. Those who attend other Short Courses at Winter School for their own interest will pay attendance fees.

Summer School takes place from 15 February – 5 March 2020.

Winter School - We will be back with short courses, webinars & other CPD activities in 2021!

Academic Skills workshops are offered during these periods.

Most Short Courses correspond with and support the distance learning modules: they serve both as an introduction to the module and as enrichment for learning. The Short Courses are known and valued for their interactive approach. If you attend a Short Course, you must still take the same module by distance learning (DL).

Although optional (because of the cost of travel and accommodation, and our students’ work commitments, attendance is strongly recommended at least once a year and particularly for Measuring Health and Disease II, and Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Each Short Course runs from Monday to Friday between 08h30- 16h30. Academic Development and Information Literacy workshops are also held during this period.

MPH students should note that some newly developed MPH Electives are delivered only as Short Courses (SC) at Winter School; if you select one of these, you must attend Winter School, complete all required reading and activities and then complete two assignments.

Costs Attached to Short Courses

As a registered student, you are entitled (without payment of extra fees) to attend Summer and Winter School courses which match your first and second semester modules. You will, however, have to cover the costs of transport, accommodation and meals. SOPH provides a list of Bed and Breakfast establishments nearby.

Booking Early for Summer and Winter Schools

Always send your Booking Form early to ensure a place in Short Courses, as the Winter School courses are often oversubscribed. This is because Winter School is open to the broad health and welfare community. Advance information is always sent to registered students but places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. You may wish to share the Winter School programme with work colleagues who are not registered for the programme, as they are welcome to attend Short Courses. They will however have to pay the prescribed fees.

Cancelling Your Booking

We urge you to let us know in advance should you decide to cancel your attendance. When students cancel at the last minute or simply do not arrive, they deny others the opportunity to attend. Please be considerate to fellow students and SOPH colleagues, as venues and refreshments are also planned around your attendance.

Study Permits, Medical Insurance and Summer/Winter School

Study Permits

No study permits are required to attend Summer or Winter School. You will need a Holiday Visa.

Medical insurance

You are advised that the SOPH and UWC will take no responsibility for medical expenses incurred by those attending courses on our campus. Citizens of other countries attending Summer and Winter School courses are required to have Medical Insurance, and to send evidence in advance in order to be able to attend Summer or Winter Schools; similarly, South African students will be required to take care of their own medical expenses.

Paying Fees at Summer School

Those who attend Summer School in February usually pay their Programme fees at UWC.  The disadvantage is that registration still takes a few days and, until you are registered, you are denied access to certain UWC facilities, e.g. online materials, the library. 

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