Monitoring and Evaluation for Health Services Improvement I

Welcome to the “Monitoring and Evaluation for Health Services Improvement I” module.

In this module, we introduce Monitoring and Evaluation in the context of health intervention programmes. The module will cover a wide range of the basics in monitoring and evaluation.

Most of you are likely to be working in the public health sector, be it as part of your country’s national department of public health, a non-governmental organization or a sector which has some linkage with public health. This means that you have valuable experience to bring to your studies as well as to the overall field or discipline of Public Health and the practice of Primary Health Care. You will find that the Module makes intensive use of that experience, and seeks to integrate your experience with the concepts and tasks contained in this module.

Units 1, 2 and 3 will cover the basic knowledge and competences you need to understand and oversee monitoring and evaluation activities: Unit 1 will discuss, and distinguish between, “programmes and “projects”, and introduce a planning tool, the Programme Management Cycle.

Unit 2 will explore monitoring and evaluation: the definitions of the two terms, the similarities and differences between them, as well as their purpose.

Unit 3 will look at the development of programmes, outlining the development of goals and objectives as well as conceptual frameworks.

UWC Module Registration Number: SPH734
First published 2010
This edition published 2016
Writing Team: Thandi Puoane
Editors: Nandipha Matshanda

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 Monitoring and Evaluation for Health Services Improvement I Introduction




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