Payment process and starting your studies

Or those in their first year with us, we have resolved to process all online registrations ourselves. So please do not do it yourself. Consult Janine Kader for assistance.

Bear in mind that delayed payment delays the start of your studies. Aim to have your study materials and to be working towards your first assignment by absolute latest the 15th of February. This means that your fees must be paid before 19 January 2018, so that we can dispatch your materials before the end of January 2018. All of these processes take time, so you must read the following carefully and try not to contribute to delays.

  • You were sent your Student number by Janine Kader at SOPH; it is different to your Applicant number. Phone if you have not received it by now. If you have not submitted your SAQA Certificate, a student number cannot be generated.
  • Only once we have received proof of your Minimum Initial Payment can we dispatch your USB flash driver by post or courier. This will hopefully enable you to start studying during February 2018. Late payment means late receipt of study materials, which will jeopardise your progress.
  • A memo detailing the registration process has been sent to you. Please consult it.
  • If you change your mind about one of the modules after you are registered, there
    18 are two opportunities to make changes: see section 6.5.
  • Be aware that you must register every year that you intend to study, and you must inform the Student Administrators if you do not intend to study for a year. The SOPH Student Administrator will facilitate the registration process for you on campus but it is your responsibility to make sure that you are registered in time annually.
  • Those who attend Summer School should pay fees, register and collect their materials at SOPH.
  • If you are not attending Summer School, please send a passport size photo for your Student Card with your name and Student Number on the back. Post it to the Student Administrators, SOPH by the end of January 2018. You need this card to use the library and other facilities when on campus, but you must first be registered.
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