• Welcome to the School of Public Health

    Welcome to SOPH, part of the Faculty of Community Health Science (CHS) at the University of the Western Cape (UWC). This website will introduce you to our vision, our staff and our teaching and research programmes.

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  • SOPH Academic Programme

    Popular in South Africa and other African countries for its flexible, modular, part-time design and growing array of distance learning materials.

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  • Annual Summer and Winter Schools

    Probably the largest continuing education programmes in Public Health in Africa, which has trained over 12000 participants since 1992.

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  • SARCHI Chairs

    We host two South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChi) Chairs

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  • Open Education Resources in Public Health

    We have lodged as OER several of our distance learning modules and case studies to share our resources and expertise and to build the network for public health education in Africa and the global South.

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  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health

    Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health

    The PGD in Public Health aims to provide graduates with an overview of Public Health, with an emphasis on health sector transformation, district health services, and Primary Health Care: Prioritise health needs at population level; Design, implement and evaluate Public Health programmes.

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  • Masters in Public Health (coursework, mini-thesis)

    Masters in Public Health (coursework, mini-thesis)

    The Programme is designed for a range of health and welfare professionals and managers from middle to senior level, at district, provincial or national levels, staff of NGO’s and academic research contexts.

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  • Masters in Public Health (full thesis)

    Masters in Public Health (full thesis)

    The Programme is designed for a range of health and welfare professionals and managers from middle to senior level, at district, provincial or national levels, staff of NGO’s and academic research contexts.

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  • PhD in Public Health

    PhD in Public Health

    Currently offered by thesis only, which implies a very large research project, either written up in a full thesis, or in a format of manuscripts with a beginning and ending sections forming part of the whole thesis. This work should contribute new and original knowledge to your chosen field.

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  • Winter School / Summer School

    Winter School / Summer School

    Exposes health and health-related workers to the latest thinking in Public Health and enables them to exchange ideas on improved planning and implementation of Primary Health Care in the changing environment of the developing world.

CHESAI​ is a collaborative of health policy and systems researchers based in the Western Cape, South Africa. The main partners are the School of Public Health and Family Medicine at the University of Cape Town and the School of Public Health at the University of the Western Cape — currently supported by a grant from the International Development Research Centre, Canada.


  • Multimedia for research and knowledge management in health systems research: why, what and how
  • What’s your global health value? Applying systems thinking to promote debate and self reflection on good global health
  • Nurturing health system resilience through everyday leadership and reflective practice: experience from the DIAHLS and
  • Resilient health systems buffers? The every-day role of non-state (faith-based) African health pro-
  • South-South collaboration in teaching and learning about health policy and systems research
  • Reflections on teaching and Learning systems thinking
  • Developing resilient health systems: sharing policy makers’ experience
  • Innovations in teaching health policy and systems research
  • The bridges that span resilient health systems: Interdisciplines and intersections


  • Public-private engagement for health systems strengthening: developing a typology to aid design, implementation and
  • The impact of power and politics on policy implementation and reform in developing countries: the complexities of implementing Ghana’s health insurance
  • Sustaining health system development over time: experience from the Western Cape province, South Africa
  • The global pendulum swing towards community health workers in low-and-middle income countries: are the systems issues being addressed?
  • The role of leadership in building resilience in rural under resourced health facilities: assessment of emergency obstetric care in two rural district hospitals in South Africa 
  • Strengthening stewardship as a key lever in health system strengthening: mechanisms that enable and constrain efforts to create a functional district management team
  • Transformative education: improving health outcomes through effective public-private partnership  


  • Policy and implementation gap: a multi-country perspective
  • The contribution of non-state faith based health providers to health systems resilience in Africa
  • Eposter The leadership trinity: a framework for leadership development in the health sector
  • Post doctorate research fellowship as HPSR capacity development intervention
  • Eposter “Courage and patience”: learning about the enablement of health systems resilience from a large scale
  • intervention in Sofala, Mozambique
  • Eposter “Introducing doctors into primary healthcare clinics: the realities of complex interventions in South Africa
  • From individual to team and system competencies: extending the boundaries of health leadership and management capacity development
  • What actions help (or hinder) the adoption of early-stage health system strengthening reforms in South Africa


  • The frame and the flower. Short film 
  • #morethanebola A photo-essay from Sierra Leone 

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