• Welcome to the School of Public Health

    Welcome to SOPH, part of the Faculty of Community Health Science (CHS) at the University of the Western Cape (UWC). This website will introduce you to our vision, our staff and our teaching and research programmes.

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  • SOPH Academic Programme

    Popular in South Africa and other African countries for its flexible, modular, part-time design and growing array of distance learning materials.

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  • Annual Summer and Winter Schools

    Probably the largest continuing education programmes in Public Health in Africa, which has trained over 12000 participants since 1992.

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  • SARCHI Chairs

    We host two South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChi) Chairs

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  • Open Education Resources in Public Health

    We have lodged as OER several of our distance learning modules and case studies to share our resources and expertise and to build the network for public health education in Africa and the global South.

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  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health

    Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health

    The PGD in Public Health aims to provide graduates with an overview of Public Health, with an emphasis on health sector transformation, district health services, and Primary Health Care: Prioritise health needs at population level; Design, implement and evaluate Public Health programmes.

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  • Masters in Public Health (coursework, mini-thesis)

    Masters in Public Health (coursework, mini-thesis)

    The Programme is designed for a range of health and welfare professionals and managers from middle to senior level, at district, provincial or national levels, staff of NGO’s and academic research contexts.

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  • Masters in Public Health (full thesis)

    Masters in Public Health (full thesis)

    The Programme is designed for a range of health and welfare professionals and managers from middle to senior level, at district, provincial or national levels, staff of NGO’s and academic research contexts.

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  • PhD in Public Health

    PhD in Public Health

    Currently offered by thesis only, which implies a very large research project, either written up in a full thesis, or in a format of manuscripts with a beginning and ending sections forming part of the whole thesis. This work should contribute new and original knowledge to your chosen field.

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  • Winter School / Summer School

    Winter School / Summer School

    Exposes health and health-related workers to the latest thinking in Public Health and enables them to exchange ideas on improved planning and implementation of Primary Health Care in the changing environment of the developing world.


The Faculty of Community & Health Sciences has an international reputation for innovative teaching, learning and research, in programmes which are; inter-professional, community-based, and service-learning orientated. Within this framework, the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences is committed to ensure the School of Public Health’s reputation as a leading education provider for postgraduate programmes.

The Faculty of Community and Health Sciences seeks to employ a Professor/Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer within the School of Public Health.

The Key responsibilities of the post are:

 Managing and coordinating activities in postgraduate academic programmes.

 Teaching and learning at postgraduate levels.

 Successful research supervision of master’s and doctoral candidates.

 Involvement in community engagement and securing funding or third stream income.

 Publications and independent research, highlighting the impact on the community.

 Evidence of leadership within the institution, nationally and internationally.

 Leading or contributing to curriculum and/or course development.

 Coaching and mentoring of younger staff (including, leading teams)

The following are standard Minimum Requirements for the position:*

 A PhD in Public Health or Social and Behavioural Sciences, or an equivalent qualification.

 5 years in an academic, research and clinical environment.

 Proven research and publications in refereed journals.

 Record of successful postgraduate supervision.

 Proven leadership ability.

Added Advantages:

 An NRF rating will be a great advantage.

 Expertise in one or more of the following areas, viz. epidemiology, health systems research, evidencebased practice & knowledge translation, health management, quantitative and/or qualitative research methods and/or one of the key public health programme areas.

Professor specific minimum requirements include:

 A definite international presence.

 Demonstrating excellence through a consistent publications track record, in leading accredited journals, and producing peer reviewed research and/or creative outputs of quality on a regular basis.

 Provides innovative ideas for curriculum development and renewal in alignment with graduate attributes and professional societies.

 Having successfully supervised at PhD level.

 Proven Leadership ability.

Associate Professor specific minimum requirements include:

 Having a national reputation in his/her field and an international presence.

 Publishing and/or guest editing articles in leading accredited scientific journals.

 Showing proven ability to attract research funding, and attract doctoral and master’s students.

 Leading in curriculum development opportunities.

 Having successfully supervised at Doctoral level.

Senior Lecturer specific minimum requirements include:

 Having presented research papers within professional conferences/seminars nationally.

 Publishing articles in accredited scientific journals.

 Contributions to curriculum development

 Having successfully supervised at Masters level.

In your application, you are encouraged to highlight your strengths and also include anything else that you feel may be pertinent to the selection panel. Please attach your cover letter and detailed curriculum vitae to your online profile. To be considered for this vacancy, you must click on the Apply for this Job link below the position advert or else apply directly via UWC Careers at https://uwc.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/JobSearch/viewAll.

For any queries, please contact the Human Resources Department at +27 21 959 4063/9763/9708/3551/3756.

Closing date: 09 June 2017

In line with the University's commitment to diversifying its workforce, preference will be given to suitably qualified applicants in line with employment targets of the university. The University reserves the right not make an appointment or make an appointment at a different level and seek additional candidates.

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