Population Health and Development: A Primary Health Care Approach II (2016)

Welcome to the module, Population Health and Development: A Primary Health Care Approach II. The journey you are about to embark on during this module has been designed to challenge your thinking about health and development and introduce you to the history and value of a Primary Health Care (PHC) approach.

This module begins by focusing on the determinants of health in Africa and the burden and pattern of disease across the continent. Issues related to causation, health inequity and the relationship between health and development, and the impact of urbanisation are discussed in the first Unit. The value of this to you as a Public Health professional is that you can then assess what implications this has for the health of a population, and how such underlying determinants might be considered in planning Public Health interventions.

Unit 2 focuses on the Primary Health Care approach which has been designed to address the implications of the underlying determinants of health. The School of Public Health is particularly supportive of this approach, and it is one in which its founding Director, Emeritus Professor David Sanders, has extensive experience – in philosophical and political terms as well as the way in which it can be articulated in local and national health programmes. Prof Sanders has specifically advocated for a Comprehensive (as opposed to a Selective) PHC approach – an important distinction that we address in this Unit. The third Unit focuses on some of the key issues that would need to be considered in relation to health policy, finances and human resources when establishing a Comprehensive PHC (CPHC) approach to health and health care at district level.

Module Registration Number: 851848
First published 2012. This Edition: 2016
Module Conceptualization: Emeritus Professor David Sanders, Ms Nikki Schaay, Dr Vera Scott, Prof Uta Lehmann, Ms Lucy Alexander of the SOPH, UWC; Prof John Seager, Prof Eileen O’Keefe, Emeritus Professor in Public Health, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University
Writing Team: Dr Vera Scott, Ms Nikki Schaay, Ms Lucy Alexander, Prof Uta Lehmann, Emeritus Prof David Sanders, School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape
Editors: Ms Lucy Alexander, Ms Wendy Walton, Ms Nandipha Matshanda
License: Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike License

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Population Health and Development II Module Introduction
Population Health and Development II Unit 1
Population Health and Development II Unit 2
Population Health and Development II Unit 3

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