Fees and Banking Details

Pay your Initial Minimum Fees before the end of 2018!

It is risky to wait until January 2018 to pay your fees. Firstly, the December holidays and the start of a new year is an expensive time for many of us. Secondly, SOPH cannot register you  without having first received your study fees. Thirdly, you will not be able to access your study materials if you have not paid your fees and registered. Finally, nothing will be processed at UWC between 24 Dec 2018 – 2 Jan 2019. So try to make payment before 18 Jan 2019 to avoid delays.

International students with African Country Citizenship

All students who have permanent citizenship of an African country will pay the same tuition fees as South African citizens, unless the modules for which they are enrolling are offered at a higher fee, e.g. Nutrition modules.

International students without African Country Citizenship

International students without citizenship of an African country will be required to pay the international fees as published by UWC. This amount is much higher than the African citizen fees.

Fee payment by International students

Both categories of international students are required to pay the full tuition upfront, for every year of registration. The registration fee is payable annually.

Students who take these Programmes should budget for the following costs:

  • Registration and Tuition Fee (per module)
  • Bank charges
  • Cost of travel, accommodation and subsistence ifyou attend Summer/Winter Schools (opti,but r; attendance for Descriptive Epidemiology (PG Diploma 1st years), Measuring Health and Disease II (MPH 1styears),Qualitative and Quantitative Research(MPH 2ndyears) at Summer School is highly recommended
  • Mini-thesis related feesincluding penalty fees, proofreading, copying, binding
  • Prescribed books (if applicable).

Please note: The fees for 2019 have not been confirmed yet.

APPLICATION & REGISTRATION FEES (applies to all applicants)

These fees are paid directly into UWC’s account

Registration fee R1 310
Minimum compulsory payment for South African citizens only (Registration and part-Tuition Fees). SA students pay 2/3 of fees on registration; R 5 900


Students with African citizenship pay their annual fees in full in order to register.

* Includes Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles.

Cost per module (All modules) R 2 880
Cost per module (Nutrition Stream/Elective modules) R 5 040
MPH mini-thesis R 6 700
MPH Full Thesis R36 135
Doctoral thesis R36 135

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (without African citizenship)

Paid in full in order to register (Feb 2018)

Cost per module (All modules) R12 155
Cost per module (Nutrition Stream/Elective modules) R19 305
MPH mini-thesis R22 517
MPH Full Thesis R75 784
Doctoral thesis R75 784
Bank Charges (see below)  

Bank Charges

Please take note that YOU must pay bank charges when you make any payment. Ask the bank what the charges will be. If you do not ensure this is paid, it will appear as a fees deficit. Use the Applicant Number from your Online Application as a reference for all further transactions until your receive a Student Number.



Institution                                :           ABSA Bank

Name of Account                                  U. W. C STUDENT DEPOSIT ACCOUNT

Branch                                     :           Public Sector Western Cape

Address                                   :           1ST Floor, Tygerpark 4, Willie Van Schoor Drive, BELLVILLE, 7530

Branch Code                             :           632005 Electronic Account no.                                           :           40 4960 4740

Swift Code                                :           ABSAZAJJ

Beneficiary/ Deposit Reference :           Student Number, Initial and Surname Only

Email details of your payment: Please email the evidence of your payment to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..za and soph-comm@uwc.ac.za so that the student administrators can follow up if there are any problems with tracing your payment to ensure accurate and timeous processing of your payment.

Telephone:         27 21 959 2479 / 3392

Fax:         27 21 959 1556 / 2986

Please remember to use your student number (not your Application number) as a reference when you make your deposit; your deposit is untraceable otherwise. Please take note that YOU must pay bank charges when you pay your fees.

International students please note that in addition to sending your proof of payment to soph-comm.ac.za, you must ALSO send proof of payment to our Finance Foreign Payment section in order for your payment to be traced. This will ensure that there is no delay in your monies appearing in your student account.

Send it to:

Fax: 27 21 959 1556 / 2986

Telephone: 27 21 959 2479/ 3392

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the form you will fill at the bank, be sure to complete Field 70: this includes your student number, surname and first name, e.g. Brown, John Malcolm.

Please note: At this time of year, Finance is busy with residential students; if you do not fulfill these processes, your application will languish in a bank account unnoticed. So please take it seriously.

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