Assessment of the Master of Public Health

All modules must, according to UWC policy, have at least two assessment points, which must include formative and summative assessment. In most modules, the formative assessment which aims to facilitate learning will count 40% towards your final mark in the module; the summative assessment which aims to facilitate learning and to assess your competence and is weighted at 60%. Assessment takes place through assignments and there are no exams. See section 8 for more information on assessment.

Pass Marks

Please note that you are required to pass your first assignment with at least 50%, to proceed to your second and final assessment. To pass a module, you must attain a minimum of 50% for each assignment and therefore an aggregate of 50% or more per module. If you do not achieve 50% in Assignment 1, you may repeat it once only, but can only be awarded 50% for the rewrite assignment; if you do not pass Assignment 2, you will have to repeat the module the following year. Should you obtain a mark of less than 50% for the summative assessment, while your overall mark is 50% and above, it still means that you have failed the module and will need to repeat it the following year. All summative assessments are moderated by external moderators therefore final marks can only be confirmed once moderation is completed.

Weighting of the Two Assignments

In most modules, the first assignment is weighted at 40% of your total result; the second is weighted at 60% of your overall result.

Assignment Submission Dates

The Assignment Submission Schedule will be sent to you by the Student Administrator. The October deadlines are absolute. No extensions will be given. Administrators submit marks during November.

Where are Your Assignments?

You will find your assignments in the Module Introduction (first section) of each Module Guide.

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