Amending your enrolment or cancelling registration

Once you have paid your fees, and registered for your modules, your study materials will be accessible on iKamva (including an Academic Handbook). You will then be committed to paying for all the modules, unless you formally withdraw by the date specified below. Send written requests to de-register to the Student Administrators at SOPH.
If you find that you have over-committed yourself, you can formally de-register. There are two very good reasons to formally de-register:

  • You can save on fees if you send your notice to de-register on time (date to be confirmed) for Semester 1 modules; for Semester 2, you may formally deregister (date to be confirmed). If you miss the official dates, you will still be liable for fees for the modules you registered for, even if you do not complete them.
  • If you formally deregister, these modules will not appear as an “incomplete” on your academic record for 2019.
    Please also be aware that if you decide not to register at all next year, you should also notify the SOPH Student Administrators in writing by mid-November of the previous year. You would have to re-apply to the Student Administrators the following year and pay another Application Fee (if applicable). Re-applications should be with us by 30 August 2019. This Re-application Form can be obtained from the SOPH Student Administrators.

To withdraw from a module, i.e. to de-register, do so by writing to the UWC Student Admin (c/o SOPH).
SEMESTER 1 MODULES: You may cancel your registration for one or more modules in writing: date to be advised
SEMESTER 2 MODULES: You may cancel your registration for Semester 2 modules in writing: date to be advised

Please do not overlook this process – it can be costly!

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