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Workshop held on Supporting Community Health Workers through Inter-professional Learning

VLIRUOS Joint UNIVEN, UFS, VIVES en UWC Workshop:  Supporting Community Health Workers through Inter-professional Learning

Date: 27-29 March Venue: UWC School of Public Health, Room 2B

Detail program of workshop available HERE.

This project develops a strategy to support and strengthen Community Health Workers (CHWs) in preventing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s) in South Africa through interprofessional learning. Currently most CHWs act as community caregivers without formal training. They are an important member of the newly created interdisciplinary healthcare teams and CHW support needs to focus on training and empowerment. Universities have a prominent and important task in supporting CHWs by sharing knowledge and expertise. This project will explore strategies for Universities and CHWs to learn with, from and about each other, and focuses on developing a model for standardized CHW training. Multi-stakeholder participation will be used to ensure adequate knowledge transfer aimed at improving training models and in turn resulting in better-prepared health care workers.

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